The end is upon us.

And so we come the end of term. The end of semester. The end of our social media unit.

I hope that you have enjoyed your time in this class. That you have been challenged and engaged, that you have learned new things and enjoyed discovering these new tools.

I hope that you continue on your journey through the world of social media. It never ends. It really doesn’t. This unit has just given you a taste, but there is so much more out there. And there will continue to be. New tools are constantly emerging, and it will be your job, as library workers, to decide which of these tools are useful to the library.

Unfortunately, nine weeks is a short amount of time, and so I have covered everything I would like to. One of these things is social curation tools. I think there so important to what we do in libraries, and so, if you have the time, I think it would be great if you checked out this important post on curation.

This is not, however, farewell. I will be seeing you all next semester, as we move on to new skills and new topics.

Have a wonderful break. Take it easy. Get some rest, read a book. I hope you continue to drop by here sometimes.


We {heart} Mt Druitt TAFE Library

You were lucky enough to visit the library last week and have a fantastic workshop with the great library staff. As always, interested in your thoughts 🙂

Social Media - Library and Information Services

We love the good work that the wonderful staff at the Mt Druitt TAFE library do. They are, to quote my hotel management school students, ‘amazeballs’.

All three classes have experienced the awedsomeness that is their social media information session. And we can confidently say that Mt Druitt TAFE library is putting itself out there, doing everything it can to engage with its community via a variety of social media types.

We have talked about remembering libraries, and the influence libraries can have on the different stages of our lives. I think, as library students, it is important that we embrace what our TAFE library provides us with and that we make connections with the staff who work there. After all, the library industry is pretty small, and these are good people to know!

On that note, I thought it was important to share all the wonderful things the Mt…

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A little message

Hi all

We were so busy last week learning about photo-sharing, that I forgot to share some Twitter news with you.

As you will remember, we tweeted at the wonderful National Library of Australia. Well, they wanted to show you just how great Twitter is for communicating and connecting with people, so they sent this:

crop dm

Big love for the NLA.

I hope you’ve given Twitter a chance 🙂 Let me know how you’ve gone.


Hi all

I’m sure I’ve mentioned WSILISGRADS in class. It makes sense that I share a bit more about it with you.

WSILISGRADS is a group we have created for graduates and teaching staff from the Division of Library and Information Services WSI TAFE Mt Druitt campus. Our aims are to encourage ongoing professional development as well as to facilitate networking between former and current staff and students. We also aim to create advocates not only for the course, but for the industry. We hope to expose some of the great success our former students have achieved, as well as to encourage networking in the Western Sydney region.

You can find more information at our website

We are hosting a launch event on Tuesday, 20th May at CreAte restaurant, Mt Druitt TAFE and I would like to extend the invitation to you. It would be great opportunity to network with library people from all over Western Sydney!

Twitter, one week on.

Last week, we looked at Twitter. Now, I admitted in class, and I happily admit it here – Twitter is my thing. I love it. I really do.

Facebook demands so much of me. Better never to sign in, than to sign in and have it known that I signed in and ignored messages, likes and pokes. It’s not that I don’t value Facebook, not at all. I love that I can keep in touch with friends and family. That I can know what they are up to. ALL THE TIME.

Twitter makes no demands of me. Twitter is there for me when I need it. It understands when I need time out. It’s where I go for my news, my politics, my industry awareness.

Last week, you got a demonstration of the immediacy of Twitter, and the potential accessibly to culture institutions and to other awesome library people. I put out a call, asking for tips for new library students. Straight away, we had wonderful people sharing their tips. If you would like to revisit these comments, and I very much urge you to, take a trip over to my Twitter page @BonnieWildie . You can also check out the Twitter widget, right here on my blog.

So, what are you thoughts on Twitter? Is it something that appealed to you? Can you see it’s value. Or is it all a bit to much? As always, interested in your thoughts!